Our Occupational Therapy Services

Occupational Therapy Services

Unique Kids Therapy provides a range of Kids Occupational Therapy assessments and interventions to kids located in the Penrith and lower Blue Mountains areas.

Mobile Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy works best when children are in their natural environments. That’s why we offer highly personalised one-on-one occupational therapy sessions for your child at your home, school, preschool or in the local community.

Initial Assessment

At our first session, we start by getting to know you and your child, finding out their areas of strengths and challenges. We then talk through the assessment options and set goals depending on what you and your child would like to achieve.

There are a few ways we may do the initial assessment: We may observe your child playing or practising the skills, or we may administer a formal assessment.  

We will then put together a report for you, outlining in detail your child’s skills and their assessment results. We then together make a plan for our Occupational Therapy sessions based on your goals and assessment results.

Our Therapy Sessions

Our therapy sessions are fun, interactive and use the toys and equipment you already have at home. Depending on the type of Occupational Therapy intervention we choose, we will then work together to practice the skills that are fun, meaningful and specific to you and your child needs. We will also give you some ideas and activities that can be done at home between sessions.

Parents are encouraged to get involved, ask questions, and have fun with us during our sessions. After all, this is not something being done “to” your child, but something that we are doing together. My goal is to support you as much as I am supporting your child.


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Little Downs Syndrome girl playing with a doll
Little boy in an electric wheelchair

Equipment Prescriptions

At Unique Kids Therapy with have extensive experience in a wide range of specialised equipment prescriptions. Our goal is to help your child be happy, comfortable, and feel more included to be able to participate in their day to day activities. We also know some children may need additional help to achieve this.

Types of equipment we can help with

We are experienced in prescribing a wide range of special needs equipment, including:

  • Powered and manual wheelchairs
  • Self-care equipment
  • Hoists and slings
  • Specialised bed and mattress prescription
  • Adaptive equipment for daily living

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Schools & Preschools

Every child has a right to quality education, and our role is to support students, teachers, and parents in maximising learning while at school.

We provide one-on-one Occupational Therapy sessions in all local public and private schools in the Penrith, Western Sydney, and lower Blue Mountains areas.

Depending on the school and your preferences, these sessions can be held before, during or after school time.

One of the advantages of school Occupational Therapy is that we can observe your child in their classroom setting and with their friendship group.

We can also work collaboratively with their teachers and school-based support workers to help deliver the best possible support and interventions for your child.


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2 Aboriginal school children

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